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Justice or vendetta?

Dawn 27 Sep 2023
ONE wonders whether all pretence of the state as a democracy has been whittled down to a point where it has simply faded away. In a democracy, where the rule of law should reign supreme come what may, the ongoing rearrests of PTI members certainly point to such a situation.

AI's Disinformation Capabilities Threaten Presidential Election--Highlighting Need for Action by Business and Government

The Daily Star 27 Sep 2023
Rebuilding Trust ... Elections serve as the cornerstone of democracy, and the trust of the American people in this fundamental aspect of the democratic process is essential to the functioning of our democratic institutions and the nation's long-term economic strength.".

LaGrand: State officials must be required to disclose finances

Detroit news 27 Sep 2023
While we’re not all responsible for those guilty of breaking the law and public trust, we do all have to accept our responsibility for governing a state that ranked dead last in the nation for transparency by the Center for Public Integrity ... Our democracy cannot work if voters conclude that they cannot trust the people they have elected.

Ohio Republicans steamrolling over fundamental voting rights to suppress Black voices

The Columbus Dispatch 26 Sep 2023
Our democracy cannot stand when people feel that they cannot trust their elected leaders to do the right thing ... that districts be drawn to reflect Ohio voters and the needs of Ohioans, it is weakening our democracy and destroying the prospect of trust in our entire legislature.

Cambodian Media Outlet to Relaunch From the US

Voa News 26 Sep 2023
Cambodian authorities revoked the license for Voice of Democracy in February in a move that shocked press freedom advocates and the media outlet’s journalists ... Voice of Democracy will operate under Pa Nguon Teang, founder and former executive director of the Cambodian Center for Independent Media, which managed the outlet before it was closed.

The Tories have warped an already crooked electoral system, pushing millions of voters off the ...

The Guardian 26 Sep 2023
Who is surprised that this Tory government’s legacy will be a steep decline in trust in the working of democracy itself? ....

British media organizations condemn Meta’s decision to ditch Facebook News

Arab News 26 Sep 2023
“Particularly as we near a general election, these deliberate actions pose an urgent threat to democracy by choking trusted news — both financially for the media industry and practically, for audiences accustomed to trusting your platform for information.”.

War in Ukraine will probably end with ‘dirty deal’

Ekathimerini 26 Sep 2023
Israel, we thought, always, would be a democracy ... Then one day they woke up and they discovered their job was to protect Israel from a threat to its own democracy from within ... A final question on liberal democracy ... I believe we’re in a moment where a combination of forces has been eroding the two pillars of democracy, which are truth and trust.

Maine Voices: Yearning for unity in my adopted country

Journal Tribune 26 Sep 2023
As I get older, I find it frustrating to witness the gradual erosion of the trust Americans reserved for their government and their pride in their democracy and rule of law ....

Study shows right-wing extremist attitudes on the rise in Germany

Cleveland Jewish News 26 Sep 2023
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Chairman Martin Schulz told German media that evidently “part of [German] society has less and less trust in democracy and feels threatened socially and economically.” He suggested that it was important to stand up to the right-leaning trend as ...

Ohio Redistricting Commission spends Yom Kippur in doubleheader public meetings

Cleveland Jewish News 26 Sep 2023
The additional meeting was instead scheduled for later the same day ...Right now what concerns me as a citizen is the fact that our public, our citizenry, has lost trust and confidence in our institutions of government,” Weisenberg told the commission. “It’s lost trust and confidence, and worries about a demise and the perils facing our democracy.” ... .

Corporate corruption fuels Florida’s anti-immigrant policies | Opinion

Sun Sentinel 26 Sep 2023
Immigration has historically been a hot-button issue in American politics, but since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, it has increasingly been used as a tool to divide the nation along ideological lines ... Gov ... This, in turn, erodes public trust in the political process and damages the integrity of our democracy ... State Rep ... ....

Unethical conduct by one of Australia’s most senior public servants risks further eroding trust in government

The Observer 25 Sep 2023
At the heart of a healthy democracy is integrity ... Much of this trust deficit is due to the conveyor belt of federal and state government corruption scandals over the past 10 years ... be trusted ... Let’s hope they lead to greater accountability and help restore trust in our democracy.

Ingonyama Trust has misconstrued customary communal land tenure

Business Day 25 Sep 2023
The recent fallout between the Zulu king, Misuzulu, and his now late traditional prime minister, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, over the running of the Ingonyama Trust highlights a pervasive problem in SA ... The Ingonyama Trust administers about a third of the land in KwaZulu-Natal ... The Ingonyama Trust epitomises these problems.

Justice Louis D. Brandeis: “The People’s Attorney”

Wahpeton Daily News 25 Sep 2023
Brandeis believed that “bigness” was antithetical to democracy and that the solution to the problem of trusts in the nation was not the regulation of monopolies, as Theodore Roosevelt suggested, but the regulation of competition, so that all businesses could compete on a fair playing field.

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