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New Charges of Chinese Interference Embroil Canadian MP

Beijing News 25 Mar 2023
... even within democracies," said Lindsay Gorman, a former Biden White House adviser and currently a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund's Alliance for Securing Democracy ... The integrity of our democracy has been damaged and the trust in our democratic institutions is low.".

Furious Since Birth: Grime, A Novel By Sibylle Berg

The Quietus 25 Mar 2023
German-Swiss author Sibylle Berg’s novel GRM Brainfuck was first published in 2019, going on to win the Swiss Book Prize that same year ... Berg’s novel acts as a warning – against surveillance, government monitoring and increased digitisation, but it also highlights how easily trust in democracy is used and then broken ... Martin's Griffin ....

Survey: 98 percent of Chinese satisfied with nation's democracy

China Daily 24 Mar 2023
Democracy, which the people of a country are in the best position to judge, should be focused on how it can deliver to the people, senior politicians and experts said on Thursday, as called for greater respect for how each country chooses to develop. They made the remarks at the second International Forum on Democracy.

20 years later, has the U.S. learned the lessons of the Iraq War?

Yahoo Daily News 24 Mar 2023
“The absence of accountability for a government that lied us into war, and a media that jettisoned skepticism for stenography, continues to endanger our fragile democracy to this day.” — Editorial, The Nation. The lies that led to the war irrevocably damaged the public’s trust in their leaders ... “In a democracy, the majority still rules.

Lobbyists in New Zealand enjoy freedoms unlike most other nations in the developed world

RNZ 24 Mar 2023
The popular view of lobbying is based on perceptions of shadowy figures stalking the halls of power in Washington DC. But the industry here, in New Zealand, is far less transparent than in the US ... There are none ... "Unless we have transparency on it, we won't know and that just leaves a big gap of trust and faith.". Haggie says that is bad for democracy.

Scores of confused birds crash in Kaikōura, lighting blamed

RNZ 23 Mar 2023
By David Hill for Local Democracy Reporting ... Hutton's Shearwater Charitable Trust trustee Nicky McArthur has put the call out to residents to turn out their lights at night to give the newly fledged birds a better chance of survival ... The Hutton's Shearwaters Charitable Trust's ''Flysafe'' campaign runs until mid-April.

Japan PM expected to roll out vision towards 'free and open Indo-Pacific'

Beijing News 23 Mar 2023
Expanding on his vision for the Indo-Pacific, Kishida wrote in an article in the Indian Express that 'the unwavering trust and the close coordination between India and Japan as leading democracies of Asia are the cornerstones of peace and prosperity in the region'.

Adobe’s thoughts on the ethics of AI-generated images (and paying its contributors for them)

Crunch 23 Mar 2023
“We’re at a tipping point�where AI is going to break trust in what you see and hear —�and democracies�can’t survive when people don’t agree on facts. You have to have a baseline of understanding of facts,” Dana Rao, Adobe’s general counsel and chief trust officer, told me ... Image Credits ... Image Credits.

Israel needs a constitution now more than ever - opinion

The Jerusalem Post 23 Mar 2023
In practice, this never happened. Seventy-five years later, there is no constitution ... (credit ... The Netanyahu government, which seeks to pass the first stage of a judicial reform, claims its reform will strengthen democracy, restore governance, restore trust in the judicial system and achieve a balance between the three branches of government ... .

The left can win and forge a new settlement – but only if it repairs ...

New Statesman 22 Mar 2023
And it misses the deep crisis of trust in modern democracies ... In the US, just 42 per cent trust their government; in Australia it’s 45 per cent ... Amid the perma-crises of Western democracies, the collapse in confidence in the state to do what is right means questions of trust transcend the qualities of individual leaders.

It’s the trust in the authority, stupid!

Off Guardian 22 Mar 2023
Democracies around the world are facing a proliferation of false information, which may have the potential to destabilise their democratic institutions, and undermine the trust of citizens ... is the antithesis of “democracy.” It’s the Trust In Authority, Stupid!.

NSF: We have ways to force you to stop being skeptical of government

Hot Air 22 Mar 2023
Democracy and public health in the United States rely on trust in institutions,” the professors wrote in the grant abstract ... It’s true that democracy relies on trust in its institutions, but that trust has to be earned — with accountability and transparency, and above all simplicity.

How the Iraq war became a threat to American democracy

Economist 22 Mar 2023
It has led competently, in Ukraine if not Afghanistan, and meant what it said about rights and democracy ... \nWho are the trusted?\nMr Biden recently recalled how, after he assured European leaders two years ago that America was back in the struggle against autocracy and climate change, Emmanuel Macron of France replied.

U.S. moves for political ends profane essence of democracy

People Daily 22 Mar 2023
It is reported that Washington is currently preparing for the second "Summit for Democracy." ... The so-called myth of democracy built by the U.S ... insistence on holding a democracy summit and acting as a global democratic leader even when trust in its own democratic system is declining has raised widespread suspicion.

Lawyers Want Ogun Guber Election Reviewed as Adebutu Leads Protest to INEC

This Day 22 Mar 2023
We must not let the present mantra in our election vocabulary of ‘Go to Court’ become a revolving evil genie that may truncate our hard earned democracy. “Due process must be followed in that fairness and justice must be seen to be done on the part of INEC, before our people lose trust in our democracy.

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